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Tuesday 27 September 2016 by Mabinuori Idowu (aka ID)
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If we take a trip back in history; we remember that the story of Africa and its treasures used to conjure up in the Western European minds visions of human sacrifices, crucifixion pits with decomposing bodies - a veritable land full of blood and savagery. But such vision, were for those at the end of the 19th century when Europeans claimed to ‘discover’ Africa and the Americas. It was the time; when the world was still being “explored” and gobbled up, by imaginative Europeans with an eye for glory on the one hand, and for natural resources and markets on the other.

When Europeans arrived in Africa; they proclaimed to have as mission, the conversion of African heathens to Christianity. Thanks to the methodological renewal taking place in the social sciences, we know that their professed conversions were carried out with unprecedented brutality and barbarism. Sadly despite all the information available to us today, we have the tendency of putting the subject of the barbaric past of every civilization, in the same context so that those who hold imperial powers today (Europe and America) could feel some sense of relief from their barbaric past.

Images like the scene in this picture has been used, as examples to claim that African traditionalist despite years of attempts at conversion, also kill humans as sacrifice to appease their Gods. Thanks to research into our past we are aware that this has never been a practice of ancient Africans. Africans of the Pharaoh era existed with a strong spiritual belief; in this type of extremely spiritual society, they cannot practice customs and practice which is expected from people who live in caves.

But before going any further; it is important to note that as Africans today we have to understand that we have been seriously damaged (spiritually, mentally and psychologically), during five or more centuries: at first it was massive deportations and slavery, followed afterwards by years of colonialism, again in the last fifty years we are trying to come-out of this very disturbing period in our history. Since the advent of all these events in Africa, the Black man has never been the same again - never been his or herself again. Africans since have become, Christians and Moslem with all the violent values propagated by these religions.

Like Dr. ben-Jochannan wrote in his book ‘Black Man of the Nile’: “The African continent is no recent discovery; it is not a new word like Americas or Australia…While yet Europe was the home of wandering barbarians one of the most wonderful civilization on record had begun to work its destiny on the banks of the Nile…” Also important for Africans to note that when we talking about African Civilization, we are not talking of African history with pre-Christian origin. Remember that in an attempt to keep all of the African nations south of the Sahara; to a history without pre-Christian origin, western historians have falsely assigned Africa an origin of approximately 18th Century.

Thanks to the scholarly works of the likes of Dr. Cheick Anta Diop, exposing the model of society laid-down during the epoch when Black Egypt reigned as imperial power in the world, we know with certitude that there was no barbaric and savagery practices like those laid down by those who posses imperial advantage today. There were not too many models of society before apart from Black Egypt of the Pharaohs era and India. The Greeks 332 BC, Romans 30 BC and Arab 47 AD, models would follow after the Black imperial advantage changed. When we talk about India here, we are not talking of the current inhabitants rather we are talking about the Indian Empire of the time of Egypt of the Black Pharaohs 8000BC to 9000BC.

What is left of the people from the Indian Empire reside today on a small island, and their population remains about 1500 people pushed to a small Island by the Arabs. It was during the period of the people called Dravidians, they started the concept of non-violence in India and Buddha an Egyptian Black priest preached the notion of non-violence to his followers. Have we stopped to ask ourselves why the majority of India and most Asian nations are predominantly Black skin? Look at all the many statues of Buddha you will notice that he had flat nose, curly, frizzy, hair like Black Africans.

For further proof of the spirituality of the Africans of that era, for those who understand French, please listen to Dr Theophile Obenga lecture on the subject. You can hear him give the example of Herodotus (the father of European history) who visited Egypt during his life time, testify to the advanced civilization that existed in the Egyptian society at that time.

An important fact of history to note also is that during the Black Egyptian Pharaoh era they never practised any form of slavery or savagery - contrary to what we read in modern day history books and see in American films. For example; the impression given that the Hebrew (Jews) as slaves built the pyramids in Egypt, there is nothing as far from the truth because when Hebrew (Jews) appeared in Egyptian history the pyramid age was long gone – Egyptians no longer constructed anymore pyramids. All the great monuments Egypt is renown for today: Sphinx, Pyramids, etc., were already constructed 2,800 BC during the reign of Pharaoh Neimer (called Aha by other writers). All those songs and images of Jews calling on Egyptian Pharaoh: “to let my people go” came long after the Egyptian pyramids had been constructed.

Also important to read Ibn Battuta’s book: ‘Travels in the Sudan’, he arrived in Africa in the 14th Century AD (he was an Arab-Spaniard), he wrote that he never saw anywhere in his travels any continent apart from African people who refused so-much injustice. This is proof that Africans were the first people to launch and practice the concept of human rights, it was during the reigns of Soundiata Keita and Soumanguru Kanté, but Western writers would want us to believe that they invented the concept of human rights in the world and all the other bad ways and practices were invented by other members of humanity.

We can see images of the period that shows how African societies were before Westerners’ arrival: well built homes, well structured and organized cities. We see maps and plans of cities like Benin in current Nigeria, similar images of the city of Kumasi in the kingdom of the Ashanti - present day Ghana. It is hallucinating, to see that these cities in comparison with modern Africans cities of today were better constructed and more structured.

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In year 30 BC, a Roman Sentinus Flaccus crossed the Sahara to reach the Kingdom of Niger around the region of Lake Chad. The report he gave upon his return to his native Rome, indicated that he actually saw ancient Ghana Empire. However, western historians have falsely assigned Ghana, an origin of approximately 300 AD in an attempt to keep all of the African nations south of the Sahara to a history without pre-Christian origin. Flaccus followed Paulinus, another Roman who visited the northern-most reach of the Niger River in approximately 50 BC.

In the African world, research has shown that African ancestors had well defined ideas of nature, human life, existence, social relation as well as of man himself. It is on the basis of those well defined ideas that the fundamental elements of human civilization and education were developed. Considering that African society was based on communalism, the spirit of brotherhood, solidarity, unity, national cohesion, and respect for rights of groups, tolerance, dialogue and discussion, Governments today should draw inspiration from these values!

The anthropological and historical researches of the last few years have brought to light some facts about the historical and spiritual consciousness of ancient African societies. This was found to be a global and unitary consciousness, which included all the past history of man and nature, a socio-centric consciousness in as much as the objective of history was the construction and preservation of human society. This could finally serve humanity as a model to move into the future - a consciousness where the future is the essential factor.

Putting the subject of the barbaric past of every civilization in the same context, so that those who hold imperial powers today (Europe and America) could feel some sense of relief from their barbaric past is not the solution. The model of the world today, dictated by those who hold imperial advantage and the memories from: slave raids, colonisation and its consequences, has led humanity into a divided and shattered consciousness creating, the crucial problem of its reunification, reintegration, and therefore its reconstruction.

From the result stated above; of anthropological and historical researches of the last few years that have brought to light, facts about the historical and spiritual consciousness of ancient African societies, we have proof that another world is possible - another world devoid of all sorts of violence and barbarism perpetrated in the name of God, Allah, or Yahweh. Like Frantz Fanon once said: “let us waste no time in sterile litanies and nauseating mini cries. It is a question of starting a new history of man as humanity is waiting for something other from us than such an imitation which would be almost an obscene caricature. If we want humanity to advance a step further, if we want to bring humanity up to a different level than that which those with imperial advantage(that is Europe and America) has shown it, then we must invent and we must make discoveries. For Europe, for America (and her endemic violence), for ourselves, and for humanity we must turn over a new leaf. We must work out new concepts and try to set afoot a new man”.

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