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Thursday 17 December 2015 by Mabinuori Idowu (aka ID)

English dictionary definition of terrorism is the use of violence, and intimidation in the pursuit of political aims. Without any apology to terrorists and their dastardly acts, I guess it time to look at the “terrorism coin” from both sides, in order to find a long lasting solution to this dangerous trend of pursuit of political aims. From time immemorial, there are different sorts of terrorism in the pursuit of political agendas: nationalism, religious motivated or state sponsored, etc. For example, the famous Mau-Mau movement in Kenya during the independence struggle. We can also point to Haganah (which means in Hebrew language ‘The Defence’); it was considered a terrorist group because of their method of resistance to British colonialism. Haganah was a Jewish paramilitary organization, in what was then known as British Mandate of Palestine from 1920 – 1948.

Following the 1929 Palestine riots, the Haganah’s role changed dramatically. It became a much larger organization encompassing nearly all the youth and adults in the Jewish settlements that has since become the state of Israel, as well as thousands of members from the cities. It also acquired foreign arms and began to develop workshops to create hand grenades and simple military equipment, transforming from an untrained militia to a capable underground army which later became the core of the Israel Defence Forces. In view of the above, one can conveniently say that: “one man’s “terrorist” is another man’s “freedom fighter.”

Again in order to find a long lasting solution, to this dangerous trend of pursuit of political aims, it is imperative to see the problem in its global magnitude. As often reiterated here, we have to understand that “globalization” today is a fight, a strategic fight of diverse interests, sometimes very opposite. It is little necessary to recognize in the current world that there is not either “concert of nations,” or “international community” really fair or democratic. What is at stake is political, economic, military, linguistic, cultural interests, appropriate for every State or Nation, for every region, for every civilization, that make the weft of “globalization”, which is nothing else than one contemporary “world economy”.

As we can observe; we are living in a Capitalist world where morality is not CAPITAL. A world full of strategic fights of diverse interests, sometimes very opposite and to add to the confusion that inspires terrorist actions: we have state authorised executions by electrocution, police or secret service extra-judicial killings, hangings and all forms of summary executions. All these inhuman ways, prompts one to ask the important question: “are all these methods of capital punishments symbols of CIVILIZATION OR BARBARISM?”

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CIVILIZATION OR BARBARISM, an appropriate title of one of the many books, written by Dr.Cheick Anta Diop. For those not aware of this great African scholar, Dr Diop is perhaps the greatest in terms of scholarship on African civilization in the 20th Century. Apart from Dr. W.E.B. Du Bois, Dr. Cheick Anta Diop was the only other man awarded the honour as one who has the greatest impact on Black thoughts in the 20th Century.

If we follow European proclamation, on the reason why they went to colonize Africa namely: because Africans were cannibals, heathens, waging wars between themselves and ruled by despotic kings to justify the savage treatment of Africans. Thanks to Dr. Diop and many others like him with their scholarly works, we are aware today that, contrary to what western writers would have us believe, calling our tradition savage and barbaric, our ancestors had well defined ideas of nature, human life, existence, social relations, as well as of man himself. It is on the basis of these well defined ideas, that the fundamental elements of human civilisation were developed.

Unfortunately, the symbol of harmony laid-down by Black civilization has changed since the industrial revolution that tilted the imperial advantage towards the Western nation. It is important at this juncture in our search for a long lasting solution to terrorism, to take example from two known imperial powers before that of the West; to see how societies functioned before the slave raids in Africa, because there were not too many models of society before apart from Black Egypt of the Pharaohs era and India.

When we talk about India here, we are not talking of the current inhabitants rather we are talking about the Indian Empire of the time of Egypt of the Black Pharaohs. What is left of the people from the Indian Empire reside today on a small island and their population remains about 1500 people pushed to a small Island by the Arabs. It was during the period of the people called Dravidians they started the concept of nonviolence in India because Buddha was an Egyptian Black priest who preached the notion of nonviolence to his followers.

Have we stopped to ask ourselves why the majority of India and most Asian nations are predominantly Black? Look at all the many statues of Buddha you will notice that he had flat nose, curly, frizzy hair like Black Africans.
The imperial advantage changed around the year 1491 of our era after Christopher Columbus second attempt to find the rout to India, every European States were quarrelling over the ownership and possession of the territory called America today and each nation needed slave labour to attain this goal, hence the rush to have as many slaves as possible.

If we are living in a world full of violence today, as often stated we have to understand at this point, that there is no spontaneous generation in any society as every generation follows what was laid-down by those before them.
Every European nation employed the same technique – the Portuguese, Spanish, French, British and Germans. It started at the moment when Western nations emptied their prisons and sent the prisoners away to found new nations to conquer and form their dreamed European Empire.

They decided to empty their prisons: Portugal emptied their prisons followed by Spain, they were called "lançados" “spearheads of hell”. These were the types of people, Europe would send as spearheads, introduce in the interior of Africa to found new nations to conquer and form their dreamed European Empire. Their assigned tasks were the following: raid and plunder everything at sight hence they were called “prince merchants”. They were mostly mentally ill, serial killers, mentally deranged persons released and let-loose in the interior of Africa.

Everywhere they went we can see that they left behind a history of raids and plunder – everywhere they set their foot things passed in the same way. Today the actions of the West in Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, Libya, Syria, Lebanon are proofs that there is not either “concert of nations,” or “international community” really fair or democratic. In order to find a long lasting solution, to the dangerous terrorist pursuit of political aims - a trend from the imperial advantage of the West, it is important to find other solutions than those who see this as a clash of civilization.

As often underlined; the information I try to give on this page are given in the main, for the purpose of letting the student, researcher, teacher, and general reader know that much of what they have been taught as facts and the “inspired words of god” for example, are not necessarily so and in many cases they are complete distortions of the truth and/or down right lies. Such distortions and lies are specifically geared to perpetuate the myth of the “superiority of the great white race over the inferior black race”.

In my post title African Perambulators, I discussed the theme: African Civilization and Historical Awareness, and the colloquium’s recommendations to the Governments of African States and Black Communities in the world as a way forward to good governance in Africa. This is another proof, that African leaders have all the advice and recommendation on how to rule in the continent. I believe future generation Africans will call our current leaders idiots. I am sure they will even doubt, if they were humans with any brains in their heads.

“CHANGE”; is the word on the lips of most African politicians, when campaigning and seeking to be elected into office. During campaigns, they accuse the government precedent of all sorts of corruption only to end up worse than their predecessors. Soon as they take the oath of office, the word disappears from their vocabulary. They take the same action as their predecessors; running cap-in-hand to their former imperial or colonial masters, for direction and instructions on how to rule their people.

The Colloquium, which is the very heart of the festival, is a forum where scholars, writers, and artists of Black World, come to pool together their reflections, their researches and their experiences, around a theme which gives each festival its distinctive mark, and which is illustrated by all the activities of the festival. The aim of the colloquium is to help Black peoples to become more familiar with their cultural heritage, to master it better, to tighten their solidarity with a view to ensuring their total cultural liberation, and to pool their efforts together in order to promote and disseminate their cultural values within their communities all over the world.

Remember that each society has a culture, there is no universal culture anywhere in this world where everyone acts and behaves in the same manner – every society has their culture as guideline for their people. Our leaders can see that the solutions from those who have imperial advantage today, are not stopping terrorist activities like the resent attacks in Paris, Los Angeles and London metro, yet they try the same “solution” in African societies. It is time for us as a people to take an inventory of our so-called institutions.

We have an untrained and unequipped military, that aren’t present when we need them most. As suggested in my post titled DISBAND NIGERIAN ARMED FORCES: “if these institutions cannot serve the purpose of their creation, it is time to scrap them and build new institutions in their place”. The state of insecurity in the country, and the decadence of our institutions show clearly that we have to act now. All our so-called institutions are not serving the purpose for which they were created – be it government and other branches like the armed forces, the judiciary, etc.

We can see that those paid to protect and defend Nigeria’s sovereignty, are incapable to perform the duty assigned them. Why do we need to keep spending our resources to keep such institution going? Agreed to disband a more than 250,000 man Army, is creating other problems like letting loose of thugs that could become potential armed-robbers, etc.

As solution, I suggest the declaration of a state of emergency through-out the country and not just regions where Boko Haram operates. This way, it becomes a national issue – any attempt on the security of a part of the country should concern everybody. To avoid abuse, the state of emergency should be limited to a period of six months, renewable for another six months with the approval of members of all political parties and the judiciary.

A general mobilization; of all citizens up to the age of sixty should be put in place. All male and female citizens, within this age range, should be obliged to register for a national ID card. All registration centres should be equipped with bio-metric materials, to take prints and images of all, this will be stored in a national data bank accessible to the judiciary and they could be made available to the security service if necessary. For example after a terrorist attack, finger prints taken from the crime scene can be compared with those in the national data bank with the authorization of a member of the judiciary.

I uphold the idea to disband all Nigerian Armed Forces personnel, send them to State owned farms to work on the land to produce food, and others to construct roads and bridges in our villages. In their place we select and train, interested professional soldiers with a different orientation and education. To this end, the government can introduce a compulsory civil and military service for all youths from the ages of 16 - 45. All the lands appropriated during the “land use decrees” introduced by our so-called ex-Generals can be recovered for these purposes.

This is important for the future of humanity; like Frantz Fanon once said: “Let us waste no time in sterile litanies and nauseating mini cries. It is a question of starting a new history of man. Humanity is waiting for something other from us than such an imitation which would be almost an obscene caricature. But if we want humanity to advance a step further, if we want to bring humanity up to a different level than that which Europe and America has shown it, then we must invent and we must make discoveries. For Europe, for ourselves, and for humanity we must turn over a new leaf. We must work out new concepts and try to set afoot a new man.”

This is my African solution to terrorism!

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