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Wednesday 14 February 2018 by Mabinuori Idowu (aka ID)

My Nigerian brothers and sisters; fellow Africans and Diaspora Africans, since my post on my website: Thursday 25 January 2018, declaring me as candidate for the 2019 PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION IN NIGERIA, I have been receiving messages and questions in private and public, demanding how we intend to comply with the guidelines of the Independent National Electoral Commission of Nigeria provided for in Section 131 of the Nigerian constitution? Before we talk about these stipulations, I will like to acknowledge these concerns judging from past experience where such stipulations, were used to eliminate potential candidates that could make the necessary change, from participating in elections.

Some of the questions posed are: you don’t reside in Nigeria, how do you hope to qualify as candidate? Why one million? Judging from Nigeria’s population, they say we will need at least 7 million members in our ranks in-order to make any difference, etc. My answer is that these concerns are real! We all know that in African politics, electoral commissions are rarely independent in the true sense of the word. As a former National Publicity Secretary of the un-registered Movement of The People (MOP) for the 1979 Election in Nigeria, I can confirm that despite meeting the requirements stipulated by the National Electoral Commission, demanding that each party must have offices in the then 19 States of the Federation, our party was not registered. However the advantage today is that this is not 1979 - it was possible then for the Obasanjo lead regime, not to register MOP because we did not have the social media networks that we have today.

Yes we need one million people, hence our call; to join massively irrespective of colour or origin our Movement Against Second Slavery (MASS). With one million Nigerians, Nigerians in the Diaspora, Africans, and Diaspora African, not forgetting our European, American and other friends world-wide who cannot vote but share our aspirations for Africa, and are willing to contribute like every Nigerian citizen the symbolic sum of one Euro, we can use the One million Euros to open offices in all thirty-six states in Nigeria, and finance our campaigns through-out the federation. If we succeed with MASS in Nigeria, the movement and its manifesto could serve as a platform, to contest elections in other African and Diaspora African States. We have a chance to make the necessary change, let us start with Nigeria; create a movement with representation in our respective countries, and do the same all over the continent. We field candidates for all elections in the continent!

Like I pointed out in my post title Organised Resistance: on the controversial “One Voice Nigerian nation protest march” (see ), against Buhari lead government and its handling of the country’s economic crises, organised by 2Face Idibi scheduled to start from Africa Shrine, but cancelled by Femi Kuti and the Afrika Shrine management. Judging from mass reaction to the cancellation, this could be considered as a sign, that majority of our people are getting prepared to act. But act in whose name? Without an organization behind the march, providing all the logistics necessary the proposed demonstration will amount to nothing. We have seen that before, venues proposed for such march are cordoned-off by armed police men stopping the march before it starts.

We saw that with Charlie Boy! We cannot do things; like we did in the past anymore in this world of today. We can’t continue like the old times! If it is the fear of being tagged “terrorists” we say; we cannot be considered “terrorist” as all our deliberations are open on social media network. Agreed; that nothing will stop a determined people: not guns, tear-gas, or any form of repression, we believe we don’t need to march on the streets in-order to be heard. Thanks to Internet today; we can organise in different way without marching on the streets, and avoid being shot at with live bullets by army and police agents of the State. If we are organized as MASS, it is not only in the Nigerian capital that will hear our voices but in all seats of power in all four corners of the world.

It is time to put our respective apathy and fears aside, we are not doing anything illegal before any law by getting organized against a common oppressor. What we need is a determination to want to make a difference in the way our lives are run. It is necessary to be determined in our purpose, as all things that have happened in the history of humanity were due to the human determination and decisions. With social networks, we can bring down any government if we are organised! We have a chance to make the necessary change, let us start with Nigeria and do the same all over the continent. When we have one million registered men and women in our rank, we organise before the end of July this year a MASS convention in Nigeria, confirm our party’s name, open our party offices in all 36 states, and choose leaders and candidates for President and the National Assembly elections schedule for 2019.

As I often reiterate in my posts, democratic aspirations is common to all people under subjugation - the youths today have no jobs and nothing to do, economic conditions, racism, sexual discriminations, and police brutality are reasons for the mass uprising of youths world-wide. This demand for change; in the way politics is done in the 21st century, is what is pushing the youths into the streets. Social networking has enabled exchange of information, and helped avoid the classic diversion that takes away people’s focus. They are perfect mediums, for us to investigate why 99% of our people are suffering while 1% is smiling.

With regards to the question; how we intend to comply with the guidelines of the Independent National Electoral Commission of Nigeria provided for in Section 131 of the Nigerian constitution, that stipulates that: A person shall be qualified for election to the office of President if
. He is a citizen of Nigeria by birth;
. He has attained the age of forty years;
. He is a member of a political party and sponsored by that party;
. He has been educated to at least School Certificate level or its equivalent, etc.

We in MASS believe these constitutional requirements needs to be revised on the grounds that it is mostly addressed to men and not women in Nigeria. We have women who are competent to lead our nation: we have women intellectuals, lawyers, doctors, veterinarians, engineers, women who are competent in all fields, in tourism, in commerce, in aesthetics, in music, etc. But as you can see the electoral requirements are directed only at men: “He” has to this! “He” has to that as if there are no “She” has to in Nigeria. You see why we say that in African politics, electoral commissions are rarely independent in the true sense of the word. With one million men and women in our ranks, this is one change we have to demand from the Nigerian Electoral Commission!

We need everyone to come aboard, as we can see those who have lived all their lives in Nigeria have no solution to our problems, why prevent people determined to work in-order to change the situation from contesting? What we need to bear in mind is that, if Nigerians and indeed Africans prefer to serve and give their expert knowledge outside the continent, it is because the necessary conditions are not in place in their respective states. Their competences are not exploited, because they are considered inferior to their Western counterparts and due to the necessity to survive, our experts move to other countries in search of greener-pastures. This is no question of being patriotic or not, it is a question of survival. If the conditions are right, our competent professionals would stay in Africa and work for change on the continent.

Those in power make us believe that Africa is on the move, Africa is progressing, etc. What progress? We have AIDS, Ebola, and all sorts of deceases directly or indirectly spreading on the continent. Africa is poor, she is heavily indebted, and they continue to say Africa is moving in the right direction – things are working, etc. Making fun of our people, if I may ask what is working in Africa? They pollute the Gulf of Guinea, oil tankers navigating Africa’s waters and pollute everything from Cape Town to Cairo. Be it military; economic, or scientific, Africa is not in any scenario of tomorrow. Those people who want to make us believe that Africa is making progress, saying the sort of changes that we desire in our system will come even if gradual. Saying: don’t let us despair...

How can we not despair, when we hear Africa called shithole? How can we not despair, when we see Africa continues to be ruled by modern-day despots with the complicity of Western powers? How can we not despair when we see our youths out of despair perishing at sea to get to Europe? How can we not despair, when we see in a 21st Century, African youths being sold as slaves and ultimately dieing at sea? We all are aware that those Africans sold on the auction block in Libya, were held in the country by the decision of the European Union – a practice in place since the times of the former Libyan dictator Mouammar Kadhafi. This is the reason why we call on everyone to get organised! MASS is a platform for that, why are our African Youths don’t get organised and fight the demon sending them to die at sea?

What has not been done in Africa, as experiment in governance? Coups d’état! Civil wars! National Conferences! We did everything and there is no progress. States are fragile. We kill whenever we want. We send leaders to the International Criminal Court (ICC) whenever we want. We spread disease when we want. What have we not done? We almost did everything that can be imagined, and Africa is not advancing. Africa is in debt, heavily indebted. And Africa is poor. Let’s take for example the last 60 years of African life; we have more experience in governance than any other people on earth.

For almost 6 decades; we were ruled by founding fathers who founded the republics – they were known as “Founding Fathers”. When the Head of State passed, all the people troop-out in the streets, dressed in clothes with the photo-print of the President and danced for him. We had “Presidents for life” despite being dead now, at the time they were proclaimed “Presidents for life”. We have had unique parties – where everyone in the country, a whole people, belongs to one party, one opinion, one slogan, etc. And we also had several parties at the same time: family, village, clan, ethnic parties, everything. What have we not done?

At another point, there was the Africa of the Colonels: most of the military Heads of State; came to power by coups and people from all works of life, troop to the streets to welcome these military regimes in our respective countries. The people’s jubilation; stemmed from the aspiration that the military will deliver them from persistent corruption, and wave of political party violence. Through-out the continent; people were made to believe that the military were straight- thinking, not corrupt, they do their job, give them the chance to lead Africa. Unfortunately in most cases, the military were worse than the civilians they forced out of power.

Like I wrote in my post ‘Nigeria’s Corruption Culture, a fantastic anarchy:’ “For generations, most Africans are content to follow in the foot-path of their ancestors even if the labour is not dignifying, all these values are being eroded or lost to an army imposed corrupt culture. With the army in power, dignity of labour which was the bastion of Nigerian traditional values was reduced to “ass-licking” they systematically, eroded the pride of the individual contribution to society known in Yoruba as “Owo igbe kii run” meaning “shit money don’t smell”. Today “shit money don’t smell” concept of life, has been replaced by new expressions like “egunje no spoil nothing” meaning, “kickbacks don’t spoil our fraternity”. Traditional African value of service to humanity is systematically replaced by new corrupt ways” (see

Thanks to colonial powers and their influence on African Army, post-colonial Africa continues to be ruled by modern-day despots with the complicity of Western powers, which prefer to keep these “leaders” in place in the name of “spreading democracy”. Africa has seen most of its leaders remaining in power for the longest times, and it seems as if the trend will continue well into the future if we continue to use Western model of governance (see my post: Although in recent years, we’ve seen certain African dictators successfully being removed from power, there are still quite a number of them that are able to circumvent the "rules" and continue to rule their respective nations.

What have we not done? The military regimes killed progressive minded African leaders. African leaders demanding dignity and freedom and equality for their people, plus those leaders that promised African Unity and Ujamaa (freedom) like Nkrumah and Nyerere were paralysed. Literally speaking; the Ghana Army; with the push from the British government killed Kwame Nkrumah, the French government paralyzed Sekou Toure, the Portuguese killed Carbral, Belgians killed Lumunba, not forgetting Boganda, and Thomas Sankara - as we can see, African progressive leadership was decapitated.

From all these, it is clear today, that the paths we have taken are bad ways. They can not be continued. It is as simple as that. For us to get to where we are today, it is clear that the path laid-down by the “Founding Fathers” of our nation is no doubt a bad way forward. This pattern of governance must be abandoned. The paths already taken by our elders did not work, and we should not repeat the same mistakes. We have done everything already and it does not work, countries are increasingly disoriented. It is therefore necessary to change our perspective, change altogether our ways of governance.

This becomes imperatively urgent as earlier stated in my declaration, if one takes to account the shocking and shamefully racist statement, credited to United States President Donald Trump, describing African nations, as well as Haiti, and El Salvador as “shitholes”. However who do we blame for this low-level consideration of Africa? Our so-called leaders of course! Trump can talk this way because Africa is not Unite! Trump can talk like this, because in today’s geopolitics Nigeria and the African continent as a whole are not in any scenario of tomorrow be it military, economic, or scientific. This is why we need to get organised, to be able to call to question our respective governments. In a continent that has lakes, rivers, streams, where we can do extraordinary things.

How are we going to develop Africa’s nuclear power, submarines, space, economy, and struggle to make our continent great, if we allow all these foreign companies take our resources for free? If we say all these resources belongs to the Federal States of Africa, it’s up to us to decide what we do with our uranium, oil, gold, we do not accept the old ways anymore of doing business. This way the West will feel the African power, we will no longer be exploited to make their strength. We make our own strength. They no longer have free labour and raw materials. After so many years of domination and imposition on our people, it will be hard for them to change. But that’s the only way; it is the only way as you can see we’ve tried everything. It is the only way left. We have a chance to make the necessary change, let us start with Nigeria and do the same all over the continent.

Africa is no “shithole”! Africa is the richest piece of real estate on the planet earth, if the continent is considered as “shithole”; we all know that it is because of the asshole leadership in Africa that justified this description of a people and her land. Time come for a new perspective, we need a radical change! Hence we say like Dr. Yosef ben-Jochannan: “If the European Jews can fight for an arid piece of desert; the Irish for a small emerald Island; the British for a barren Island of misery; protestant Anglo-Saxon American for their stolen “Indian” empire; why should the Black Man (the African, African-Caribbean, and African-American) not fight for the richest piece of real estate on the planet earth – his original homeland – Mother Africa?”

“Chase those crazy bald-heads out of town” - Bob Marley sang! We in MASS say time come to CHASE THEM ASSHOLES OUT OF TOWN!
Viva Nigeria!
Viva Africa!

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