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Monday 8 December 2014 by Mabinuori Idowu (aka ID)

Execution by electrocution, police or secret service extrajudicial killing, hangings and all forms of summary executions: are all these methods of capital punishments symbols of CIVILIZATION OR BARBARISM? If we follow European proclamation, on the reason why they went to colonize Africa namely: because Africans were cannibals, heathens, waging wars between themselves and ruled by despotic kings.

Contrary to what western writers would have us believe, our ancestors had well defined ideas of nature, human life, existence, social relations, as well as of man himself. It is on the basis of these well defined ideas that the fundamental elements of human civilisation were developed. But to justify the savage treatment of Africans they call our tradition savage and barbaric!

Before going any further; it is important to note that as Africans today we have to understand that we have been seriously damaged during five or more centuries: at first it was massive deportations, followed afterwards by years of colonialism, again since the last fifty years we are trying to come-out of this very disturbing period in our history. Since the advent of all these events in Africa, the Black man has never been the same again - never been his or herself again.

Also important to read Ibn Battuta’s book: "Travels in the Sudan ", he arrived in Africa in the 14th Century AD (he was an Arab-Spaniard), he wrote for people all over the world that he never saw anywhere in his travels any continent apart from African people who refused so-much injustice.

This is proof that Africans were the first people to launch and practice the concept of human rights, it was during the reigns of Soundiata Keita and Soumanguru Kanté, but Western writers would want us to believe that they invented the concept of human rights in the world and all the other bad ways and practices were invented by other members of humanity. They even make us believe that every society and everybody is similar, there is nothing as far from the truth.

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