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Thursday 25 January 2018 by Mabinuori Idowu (aka ID)


This manifesto will be presented to MASS members at the movement’s convention before the end of this year in Nigeria for ratification, confirm our party name, and choose our leaders and candidates for President and the National Assembly elections in 2019.


MASS government policy on education will make as priority; changing of our current education curriculum, and put in its place free, compulsory, education for all children (male and female), until the age of sixteen. Thanks to research, and the historical dimension which has hitherto been lacking in African studies, plus the publication of 8 volumes of History of Africa by UNESCO, we know that in an attempt to keep all of the African nations south of the Sahara to a history without pre-Christian and Arab origin, Western historians and their allies have falsely assigned Ghana an origin of approximately 300 AD.

Today; evidence are abound that as far back as 30 BC, a Roman Sentinus Flaccus, crossed the Sahara to reach the Kingdom of Niger around the region of Lake Chad. The report he gave upon his return to his native Rome, indicated that he actually saw ancient Ghana Empire. Flaccus was followed by Paulinus, another Roman who visited the northern-most reach of the Niger River in approximately 50 BC. Despite all these information, in a 21st Century Nigerian school curriculum, our young students are still being taught that Mongo Park discovered River Niger, etc.

Our school children have nothing to identify with; according to books available in the school curriculum: maths, history, reading, writing, etc were invented in Europe and the Western Hemisphere – leaving African children with an inferiority complex. They are taught to look-up to Europe, America and Saudi Arabia for inspiration, and also taught to look at their brothers and sisters as belonging to different ethnics and tribes. This way of thinking has to stop! We are one people with the same origin! It is only in unity that we can overcome this divide and rule!

Our (MASS) ; new education curriculum will make our children understand from an early age that the West (Western Europeans) falsified African history, and they cannot love Africa, because they have committed crimes and done things that are impossible to do to a fellow human in their quest for a European empire. The depth of their crime makes it impossible for them to love Africans, and so, they had to re-write African history, this is what Cheikh Anta Diop (perhaps the greatest in terms of scholarship on African civilization in the 20th Century) calls the falsification of African History.

The corner-stone of our education change will be based, like Dr. Cheick Anta Diop said: “For us, the return to Egypt in all domains is a primordial condition to reconcile African civilization with history, to be able to build a corpus of modern human sciences, to renew African culture. Far from delectation with the past, a look towards ancient Egypt is the best way to conceive and build our cultural future. Egypt will play in a newly thought African culture, the same role the ancient Greco-Latin played in Western Culture”.

If we speak today of the European linguistic unity, it is only at this profound level, freed up and returned to science by linguistic archaeology otherwise, French, English, Germans, Italians, Romans, Lithuanians, Russians, etc. Do not understand each other more than Walafs, Bambaras, Hausas, Igbo, Yoruba, Ashanti, etc. But African linguistic research in recent years has made it possible to attain a degree in which kinship, the African linguistic unity in the genetic sense, is as evident as that of the great Indo-European linguistic family. And we see the ways that are open, to the assertion and strengthening of African cultural identity.

Thanks to researches; Africans discovered very quickly, and to a great surprise, that it was a typically African negro language that was the oldest written in the history of humanity, 5300 years ago in Egypt, while the earliest ancient testimonies of an Indo-European language (Hittite) date back to the eighteenth Egyptian dynasty (1470 BC), probably under the influence, political, and cultural domination of Asia Minor Egypt.

In any case, it is by studying the Egyptian-Nubian languages that the historical dimension which has hitherto been lacking in African studies is introduced. The resulting comparatives make it possible, every day that passes, to reinforce the feeling of linguistic unity of Africans, and thus the sense of cultural identity of all Africans. Our new education curriculum will reflect these aspects of our history.


A MASS lead government’s priority, is to disband the Nigerian Armed forces and replace them with a new Army. It is time for us as a people, to take an inventory of our so-called institutions. If they cannot serve the purpose of their creation, it is time to scrap them and build new institutions in their place. With Boko Haram and Fulani Herdsmen carnage, not forgetting Biafra agitators, and the never ending military uprising in the oil producing region in the South East of Nigeria, we can see that those paid to protect and defend Nigeria’s sovereignty, are incapable to perform the duty assigned them.

Why do we need to keep spending our resources to keep such institution going? Agreed to disband a more than 250,000 man Army, is creating other problems like letting loose of thugs that could become potential armed-robbers, or join the ranks of Boko Haram, Fulani herdsmen, or Biafra agitators, etc. As solution, MASS upholds, the idea to disband all Nigerian Armed Forces personnel, retain those in technical positions to train new recruits and send the rest of the disband Army, to state-owned farms to work on the land to produce food, and others to construct roads and bridges in our villages. In their place we select and train, interested professional soldiers with a different orientation and education.

To this end, a MASS lead government will introduce, a compulsory civic and military service for all youths (male and female) within the age range of 16 to 40 years old. There will be an accord with all public and private institutions to grant a month national military service paid leave, to every citizens in this age bracket 3 or 4 times every year. When every citizen is given the opportunity, to learn civic lessons and how to defend themselves, this way we can put an end to armed military and police, brutality (shakara) against un-armed civilians. Also, the feeling of insecurity that has been the plight of majority of Nigerians since our so-called Independence, without solutions from either the politicians or successive military regimes, can be restored with initiatives like this.

A MASS lead government, will make every Nigerian citizen understand that the security of our nation is the responsibility of every citizen. To this end, all citizens will be obliged to deposit their biometric print destined for a national data-bank. To avoid any form of abuse; such personal information can only be accessed with the authorization of a judge (independent from executive power of course). Our police forensic team will have material from crime scenes, to compare with those stored in the national data bank, this way we can trace the culprits of any crime. Another advantage of the biometric initiative is that, we can through it have an accurate census figure of our citizens.


For more than five decades in Nigeria, we have been witnessing a constant migratory flow of citizens from villages to towns. The oil boom in Nigeria, in the 70’s created a massive migration of Nigeria’s young working force from the villages, thus forcing an erstwhile nation that fed her population to look outside her frontiers for means to feed her citizens. The abandon of farms by the energetic young generation, for the old and retired in search of the “golden fleece” in the cities changed the way of life of our people. Before; people who paid visits to their folks in the villages, returned to the cities with food, this time around it is the city folks who take food to the villages.

Instead of building prestigious projects, like all our successive governments have done so-far, a MASS government will invest the bulk of our oil and gas, plus other source of income, in building infrastructures necessary to ameliorate the living conditions in the villages: roads, hospitals, dispensaries, schools, electricity, pipe-born water and Internet. Nigeria is historically an agrarian society; in keeping with this culture, a MASS lead government will make mechanised agriculture our priority! Today, Nigerians have turned to wireless phone industry, all foreign made, while it cannot even manufacture locally, or maintain them. With MASS government in power, we will reverse this trend by putting in place all the necessary infrastructures. These social infrastructures, would entice the younger generation to stay in the villages to work on farms, participate in feeding the nation, and work in other private or government agencies in place.

We will work with other sister States to develop our agriculture industries. MASS believes that if we create the United States of Africa, we are not going to make a small dam here, or little projects here and there, for us it will be time for major development projects. We are going to make, big animal breeding projects to feed our population. From Dakar to Mauritania, right-down to Namibia and South Africa. We are going to create livestock breeding grounds, and grazing regions from West to East part of West Africa.

Instead of Fulani herdsmen grazing their herds from North to South, they will do the opposite from East to West or vies visa. There are plains in the Sahel region of West Africa, and the Kalahari Desert region, ideal for projects like this. We can fertilize the Sahara, these are big expensive projects that we can do, and the Sahara can become fertile again. We can also create fishing companies; we have sharks, whales, sardines, all the fish in the world that tankers are killing for free now. We do great projects, with industrialised but ecologic agriculture as the base.

When we say in a MASS education policy that: “For us, the return to Egypt in all domains is a primordial condition to reconcile African civilization with history…” This will also be our guiding principle in our agriculture policy. Because, in the Egyptian Book of the Dead, it is stated that the obligation not to damage irrigation works is considered an ethical duty, on the same level as not to kill, not to commit adultery or sodomy. This is a fine example of a utilitarian origin of morality; one could almost speak of ecology, elevated at the level of a morality. Here again; the issue of the anteriority, of Negro (Black) civilizations to any other known civilizations, comes to mind as solution.

In our search to moralise politics in Africa, we in MASS say that it is not enough, to do politics for the sake of doing politics, if one wants to make a change in any society - it should entail honesty, dedication and patriotism”. All these values we can find in traditional African cultures. The cultural unity of pre-colonial Black Africa, characteristics, structures of African social policies, their impacts on historical movements, plus the process of primitive accumulation, and the divorce of labour, the conditions of labour, internal contradictions, and these examples are the engine of history in African societies. Pre-colonial structures of African societies, could serve humanity as a model to move into the future - a consciousness where the future is the essential factor.


When we say that Nigeria and the African continent as a whole, are not in any scenario of tomorrow be it military, economic, or scientific, here again we can see a good example of geopolitics at play. Since the 2008 world economic meltdown, Europeans and the Americans have been asking the Chinese to contribute more to the Bretton Wood institutions that established the International Monetary Fund (IMF), and the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD), which today is part of the World Bank Group. But the Chinese in turn, have been demanding reforms to the hegemonic system, of management and voting rights in these institutions that favour the Americans and the Europeans.

The Chinese decided rather than using their enormous financial reserves, to prop up a world economic order that does not give them a say in its governance procedures, they will set up their own institutions. To this end, China announced the launch of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) with an initial Chinese investment of $50 billion. Many of the other nations considered as “emerging”, seem to agree with China, hence the birth of the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa). These countries announced the formation of the BRICS Development Bank, with a reserve fund of $100 billion that aims to strengthen the global financial safety net.

Where are Nigeria and other African nations, in this economic geopolitics? We have enough natural resources, which could be used to float a Pan-African Bank and force all these institutions to level the economic playing field. We can refuse to sell our natural resources in their crude forms, and insist on selling them only to countries ready to exchange the technological know-how for refining the crude resources. One reason for the weakness among African leadership is that, there are external forces working to undermine our search for leadership for many centuries. The West (Western Europe) that is, has been working against Africa since the 13th, 14th, 15th, 16th, 17th, Centuries right up to the 21st Century.

They created the World Bank against African interest. They created the IMF (International Monetary Fund) against African interests. They created Commissions in Brussels against Africa’s interests; these countries impose on us their so-called “Structural Adjustment” programmes, which are not in our interest but their own interests. Who can give an example of a single country, which got out of poverty because of the assistant of the World Bank? What country has ever been saved by World Bank or the International Monetary Fund?

African so-called leaders, go over there cap-in-hand every day, seeking aids while these Institutions impose structural adjustment program on us making our countries more impoverished. What we fail to see is that they are nothing but institutions of corruptions. It is only necessary to see who their leaders are and their track records - Paul Wolfowitz, Dominique Strauss-Kahn, Christine Lagarde, and all the others who head these institutions, have nothing in their track-record, other than accusations of sexual scandals, money and corruption scandals, etc. These institutions cannot help us, if we bear in mind that the governments of most European nations, are among the most corrupt and morally bankrupt on earth.

They sell weapons to various factions to creates wars (remember Angola-gate and Iraq’s petrol for aid scandal for example). We have to understand that “globalization” today is a fight, a strategic fight of diverse interests, sometimes very opposite. It is little necessary to recognize in the current world that there is not either concert of nations, or international community really fair or democratic. What are at stake are political, economic, military, linguistic, cultural interests - a world full of strategic fights of diverse interests, sometimes very opposite.

To this end; a MASS lead government in Nigeria, will be based on Pan-African ideology. Pan-Africanism is a way of life, a concept for the advancement of Africa from an African stand-point, propagated by people before our times and for people coming after us to find rallying-point. Pan-Africanism is a concept based on the total economic and political unity of Africa and the Diaspora Africa, one unique monetary system for the entire continent, united defence system, open trade and education system based on the needs of the African environment. The idea has been well treated in the books published by Kwame Nkrumah.


A healthy nation is a land, where all her citizens have access to good health care service! In a new National Health Service (NHS) scheme to be put in place in a MASS lead government in Nigeria, patients must have the freedom to choose which doctor or service to visit. To this end; we will put in place, a semi-private insurance body to provide health insurance for all citizens. Patients will not pay doctor or practitioner upfront, the state will reimburses them in part or in full.

This scheme will be related to the patient’s job, which tops up the remaining amount to be paid. If a patient is taken to the emergency department of a hospital for example, they would provide only their National Health Service Card, and their justification of a semi-private insurance coverage - depending on the health issue, the priority is for the patient to get treated first and not pay doctor or practitioner upfront.

With a MASS National Health Service scheme, doctors or practitioners would be reimbursed fully by the state. Same with pharmacies; the patient will not pay upfront; all he or she needs to do is present their National Health Service Card, and their justification of a semi-private insurance coverage. This way, a large number of prescribed medicines, can be reimbursed between 15% and 100%.


info document -  voir en grand cette image"

Pre-colonial African societies in comparison with modern Africans cities of today, were better constructed and more structured. It is hallucinating, to see images of the period that shows how African societies had well built homes, well structured and organized cities, we see maps and plans of cities like Benin in modern-day Nigeria, and similar images of the city of Kumasi in the kingdom of the Ashanti, in present day Ghana - how they were well structured and organized.

But as you must have noticed in history books, written to keep all of the African nations south of the Sahara to a history without pre-Christian origin by Western historians, Africans are projected as primitive, in order to continue the domination of the continent and its people. If we know that in 1897, the British went to Benin Kingdom on what they called “punitive expedition”. They demolished the beautiful houses, and killed as many as were in sight - the beautiful cities which Africans today could look up to, and proudly point to our architectural achievements of the era were destroyed.

Benin City was not the only African city subjected to such punitive devastation; everywhere the Whiteman set his foot on the continent they ruined, plundered, and devastated. It would be interesting for those who read in French, to pick-up the book of Antonio Pigafetta titled: “Le Congo ET Ses Alentours” (the Congo and her surroundings), he wrote that when the Portuguese arrived in Congo around 15th Century, the Africans they found there were already producing silk and silk dresses.

Cecil Rhodes (after whom Rhodesia was named), King Leopold II of Belgium (who also managed the whole of Congo as his personal estate), Captain ‘Lord’ Lugard, all these three men were responsible for the murder of several millions of Africans - they committed a type of genocide in Africa that was never equalled by Adolph Hitler and his fellow Nazis at the height of their massacre of European Jews. If we are not aware of these facts of history, it is because most books available to us on African history are written from Western or Arabian points of view.

As we can see; the falsification of African history can be considered as attempt at putting the subject of the barbaric past of every civilization in the same context, so that those who hold imperial powers today (Europe and America), could feel some sense of relief from their barbaric past. We in MASS believe this is not the solution. The model of the world today, dictated by those who hold imperial advantage and the memories from slave raids, colonisation and its consequences, has led humanity into a divided and shattered consciousness creating, the crucial problem of its reunification, reintegration, and therefore its reconstruction.

From the result of anthropological and historical researches of the last few years that have brought to light, facts about the historical and spiritual consciousness of ancient African societies, we have proof that another world devoid of all sorts of domination, violence, and barbarism perpetrated in the name of God, Allah, or Yahweh is possible. To this end, MASS will reconstruct our villages, towns, and cities on the models of ancient African societies - particularly green-conscious in architecture.

We will invest in building infrastructures necessary to ameliorate the living conditions in the villages, town, and cities, roads, hospitals, dispensaries, schools, electricity, pipe-born water and Internet. All local, state, and federal government, offices in the villages, towns and cities will be equipped, with rapid and regular internet services to facilitate authorisation for all building and other requirements from government agencies.


Social inequality in our today’s world is the problem, and the origin of all social crises in the world. For example the social welfare system, a good mixture of socialism and capitalism has served well the United Kingdom for the past 70 years - government healthcare, schools, police, and fire, public services, mixed with free markets. What has failed is that sections of the market have become more liberalised and less regulated. We in MASS are in no way, saying that people should be encouraged to live on government hand-outs. To get people back to work, governments can impose the employment of two people on the job.

We are generally employed and paid for eight working hours per day. However the time we spend on the job, is less than five hours per day if we take into consideration the time we spend getting on the job, time we spend to make piss and cigarette breaks, the time we spend to chat with colleagues (of course this depends on the nature of job), etc. If each worker spends four hours on the job, the person can give his or her maximum giving room for the substitute to give another maximum of four hours on the same job. It will put people to work, and give room for self improvements from the working pull.

People will have the option to spend the extra four hours available to them on advancing their studies and skills, or simply spend time with family or friends. We in MASS believe this is the solution to social inequality in our today’s world.

Young People:

We cannot continue to talk, we need to act! The issue of Africans perishing at sea to get to Europe in search of greener pastures makes this a prime issue! Instead of our youths allowing them to be sold as slaves or ultimately dieing at sea, why don’t our African Youths get organised and fight the demon sending them to die at sea!

Professor Theophile Obenga said in his book ‘Appel A La Jeunesse Africaine’: “For all conscious Africans on the Continent and in the Diaspora, the juvenile African imagination must be animated by great emotions, great ideas, and noble aspirations, powerful solidarities for possible and liberating human tasks. The detail and fear of daring must not block the African Youth.”

Instead of perishing at sea, our youths should heed the clarion call from Professor Obenga. All we need to do is start working; we must now create a movement that will eventually transform into a political party with branches all over African villages, towns, cities, and states - with a final objective of creating branches of the movement through-out the African continent and Diaspora African. We create MASS facebook page, where members can register and when we have one million registered members in our ranks, we call a national convention and choose our spokes person and leaders".

We in MASS believe that the energy of our young people cannot be mobilized by examples of decadence and corruptions, but inevitably of a dialectical necessity; by concrete examples of patriotism, dedication, without compromise.

How Do We Finance These Projects?

MASS lead government: believes that to become strong and a player in the world’s stage, we have to propagate now and develop the ideas of the Federal State of Africa. That is the only way out. Whether it’s too early or too late these are not even questions to consider, the United States Africa now is the issue. What matters is like Frantz Fanon said: “…each generation must out of relative obscurity discover its mission, fulfil it, or betray it.” We must finally do it; we will see later with the question, of should it have been done earlier or not. We have to do it now ... it will not end with us; Africa will move forward, people will come after and improve on the decisions made, map out new programs, straighten out this, all with the objective to be powerful.

Ghana’s first President Kwame Nkrumah described the socio-economic and political control that can be exercised economically, linguistically, and culturally. Nkrumah concluded that promotion of the culture of the neo-colonist country facilitates the cultural assimilation, of the colonised people and thus opens the national economy to the multinational corporations of the neo-colonial country - this is the stage with which the African continent is at today, neo-colonialism the last stage of imperialism in Africa.

Africa needs to be powerful; Africa needs power, to play the card autonomously. It will be difficult. Why? Because if the Western Europe or America feels that Africa is withdrawing a little, they will start to do extreme violence, to kill our leaders and young people as they have always done. They will start to make raids, coups, and so on. Because African power that will say: “no we do not want you to come fishing in Mauritania, and take our fish like that” No! We do not want all those boats and submarines plying Africa’s waters from north to South. These are our oceans; in our territorial waters, we do not want those oil-tankers plying and polluting our waters.

Another example – uranium; Areva (the French nuclear manufacturing giant) is the first in nuclear energy in the world, but there is not a grain of uranium in France, and Areva is the world’s first. They take it for free or almost for free in Niger. Today multinational corporations continue to exploit the natural resources of African States, and we agree that such economic control is inherently neo-colonial. We need to change this. How are we going to develop Africa’s nuclear power, submarines, space, economy, and struggle to make our continent great, if we allow all these foreign companies take our resources for free?

If we say all these resources belongs to the Federal States of Africa, it’s up to us to decide what we do with our uranium, oil, gold, we do not accept the old ways anymore of doing business. This way the West will feel the African power, we will no longer be exploited to make their strength. We make our own strength. They no longer have free labour and raw materials. After so many years of domination and imposition on our people, it will be hard for them to change. But that’s the only way; it is the only way as you can see we’ve tried everything. It is the only way left.

As we try to divorce from our “former” colonial powers, it is clear that they will try to continue to apply existing and past international economic arrangements to maintain colonial control. A source of income; MASS lead government would look-into, is the economic possibilities of legalizing marijuana in Nigeria and all of Africa, because of the advantages it will bring. Money from the sale of cannabis weed, and resin would have a huge economic impact on our society, and it will go a long way, to help us avoid any economic blockade from international financial institutions.

Making cannabis legal will also be cost saving, for the government in the prosecution of those arrested, and it would generate an unequalled fortune in tax income. For a long time, economists and Nobel laureates in economy have been underlining the economic advantages of marijuana. Its classification in the same category as drugs like cocaine, heroin, crack, and its prohibition in the expensive war on drugs, comes at a high price.

All these criminal justice systems come at a high cost with several thousands of people prosecuted for cannabis possession or use each year. Police spend millions a year on cannabis-related interventions, with several other millions in courts and justice system to prosecute the accused. The law has a huge negative impact on families, and youths are the most affected of all, because we all start at young ages and if arrested and convicted it weighs first on education and job prospects. The law is actually punishing people for a lifetime, because the conviction remains in each one’s judicial records. This is punishing people for a life.

Among other anomalies in the law, it is the state that sells rolling papers and other cannabis smoking paraphernalia, taking taxes from these products in free circulation. Instead of all the punitive measures, and prison costs to maintain a convict in jail, the money can be better spent for education, cancer treatments, or any other malady for that matter! Wouldn’t it be more cost saving for the state, legalising cannabis for whatever reasons: medical, leisure or recreation use.

Politicians in the Western nations (Europe and America), love to be seen as tough on law and order, and this has been the model for our Africa politicians. They forget that this is the promotion of the culture of the neo-colonist country; it “facilitates” the cultural assimilation of the colonised people, and thus opens the national economy to the multinational corporations of the neo-colonial country.

Can our respective governments, imagine just how much revenue governments are missing out on with the prohibition of marijuana and the synthetic cannabinoids - the chemical compounds found in cannabis? It is true that legalisation could result in a whole different ballgame, depending on policy settings - what impacts cannabis have on users and dependency, etc.

Research recons, that there is the possibility of legalizing marijuana without increasing health costs. These are areas we need to do more research because in most states where it is legal, the state collects more tax from marijuana excise than it does from alcohol, particularly with new proofs that alcohol has more devastating effects on human health than marijuana does. With the legalization of marijuana, we have opportunity in investing the gains in new schools, drug education, and youth’s programmes.

Another advantage; is that it will create job opportunities in all sectors particularly, boost the tourism industry. Hotels, Bed & Breakfast, will be popping up, and putting our people both young and old to work. The climate, in Nigeria and all of Africa will permit us to research and grow some of the best cannabis in the world. We can count on the already existent expertise in the horticulture industry, and infrastructure in the form of sophisticated greenhouses using leading science.

The raw products, wit tinctures, oil, medicines, and edibles are also possibilities for big business. The legal market would be attractive, because buyers would be able to choose the potency and strain, get better health information and avoid dealing with “criminals”. One thing is certain; police would still be needed to enforce a regulated cannabis market: tax, age restrictions, licensing, until the black market disappears. Whatever the amount, one thing is certain cannabis is a huge cash crop that can be grown and sold legally.

Finally in view that religion, Islam and Christianity are big business in Nigeria, Mass believes the government can impose a sixty percent tax on all religious commercial activities to finance education and health services. All the bibles and quran imported, destined for sale, will carry sixty percent tax. Many Imams and Pastors own luxury cars; while some others travel in their own private jets, the churches insist are used by senior staff for work. All these luxurious materials and ways of living will be subject to tax. There are Churches like Living Faith (also known as Winners Chapel) it hosts three services every Sunday in Lagos, in a 50,000-seat church, and has branches in Ghana, Kenya, Liberia, Ivory Coast, South Africa, Gambia, the UK and the US. Contributions and donations from these members will be subjected to tax every Friday and Sunday services.

The Redeemed Christian Church of God, with thousands of outposts around the world, including at least 2,000 branches in Nigeria, and close to 400 within the United Kingdom. These churches earn money from sales of books written by the pastors, CDs and DVDs of the sermons, same with Imams from various mosques. Some of these ‘religious’ establishments run publishing houses, universities, secondary, and primary schools. However, the bulk of their revenue is said to come from donations from the congregation. Mass government will impose a sixty percent tax, on all religious commercial activities, this way we can finance education and health services.

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