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Friday 10 February 2017 by Mabinuori Idowu (aka ID)

Permit me to give my opinion on the controversial “One Voice Nigerian nation protest march”, against government and its handling of the country’s economic crises, organised by 2Face Idibi scheduled to start from Africa Shrine, but cancelled by Femi Kuti and the Afrika Shrine management. In my humble opinion judging from mass reaction to the cancellation, this could be considered as a sign, that majority of our people are getting prepared to act. But act in whose name? Without an organization behind the march, providing all the logistics necessary the proposed demonstration will amount to nothing. We have seen that before, venues proposed for such march are cordoned-off by armed police men stopping the march before it starts. We cannot do things; like we did in the past anymore in this world of today. We can’t continue like the old times.

If we are looking for ways to change the system, we cannot afford as strategy to put the horse before the mouse. We need to get organised, in the 70’s when we were publishing monthly and distributing for free 80,000 copies of YAP NEWS (Young African Pioneers news letter), we didn’t have all the social networks available today to mobilize Nigerian public. Maybe if we had, the more than 40,000 civilians standing and watching while 1,000 Nigerian Army soldiers were burning down in broad-day-light Fela’s Kalakuta Republic would have reacted differently. We cannot continue like before, we have to do something about all the nonsense. The energy of our young people; cannot be mobilized by examples of decadence and corruptions, but inevitably of a dialectical necessity; by concrete examples of patriotism, dedication, without compromise.

The suitable way; or rather fair distribution of the national income, is a policy which demands and encourages collective effort to make a success of the development of any country. In this gloomy landscape of general demobilization characterizing African officials, it cannot be over-emphasized that to save our country we need to act now. If we take as example United States of America, those who made the United States of America in Philadelphia the oldest was Benjamin Franklin he was 80 years old. The young man who became the first President was in his fifties - George Washington. The others technicians or leaders were in theirs 30’s. Madison, and Hamilton (the New York lawyer), were 30 years old! Madison, who would be the 4th American President, was 33 years old at the time. These are young people who founded the United States of America. They decided to create the United States of America and they constructed a powerful nation for their people.

So all we need is start working; we must now create a movement that will eventually transform into a political party with branches all over Nigerian villages, towns, cities, and states - with a final objective of creating branches of the movement through-out the African continent. I propose Movement Against Second Slavery (MASS), as the name of the organization. If other people have propositions or initiatives, please bring them out so we could discus on social network this is the first step to getting organised. We create MASS facebook page, where members can register and when we have one million registered members in our ranks, we call a national convention and choose our spokes person and leaders.

MASS as a movement, can give us the platform necessary to organize and challenge the actual system. It was launched by Fela, and today after his demise we all agree that he was one of the few leaders, that never allowed the temptation of wealth to derail his convictions on how Africa should be ruled. MASS has as objective: encouraging the masses to overcome years of fear, and apathy to get organized to take our country back. We can achieve this, by education that will give us the historic and politic consciousness to identify who our real leaders are. What we are doing here is to set our mind straight, on who we should look-up-to as leaders in this decadence called Federal Government of Nigeria. There are people in Nigeria, who refused to serve or be part of a corrupt system - it is not refusal to serve their country.

If there are good polices any of the governments we’ve had since independence have taken, we would be pleased to point to it and herald it loud for the world to hear. We cannot even call it government, what transpires as governance in Nigeria. They are simply a bunch of Vagabond In Power – apology Fela Kuti. If we are organized as MASS, it is not only in the Nigerian capital that will hear our voices but in all seats of power in all four corners of the world. It is time to put our respective apathy and fears aside, we are not doing anything illegal before any law by getting organized against a common oppressor.

We cannot be considered “terrorist” as all our deliberations are open on social network. What we need is a determination to want to make a difference in the way our lives are run. It is necessary to be determined in our purpose as all things that have happened in the history of humanity were due to the human determination and decisions. That is how to progress; we create a political party called Movement Against Second Slavery (MASS), with branches all over the African continent. And from time to time when we have the means or the ability to raise funds, we gather on the African continent or somewhere in the Diaspora African.

It will give another perspective to our young folks, because they are not working for just a country, but working as youths for a united continent – Pan African oriented youths. Make no illusions; the movement will be infiltrated. What are they doing? Who are the leaders of the movement? Like the case of the Blacks Panthers infiltrated by the American Secret Service. So don’t make any mistakes that MASS will also be infiltrated, it is to be expected. That is why we must be vigilant, we need to develop our own security, create our own system of espionage, and we have to go even further than spying because without security everything is open.

Like the Chinese; they decided to build a strong China, they had their program, they made the long march, they made their bamboo curtain, they developed nuclear power, submarines, space, economy, and they struggled to make their country great. Now that they are great, they are now opening up to west. We have to build Africa like that, Russia is a great power; they intervene where they want, you cannot jostle them easily. In this world led by Europe and America; one must be strong and powerful. If you are fragile, even if you are friends or what, it does not count; they crush you when it is necessary. America and Europe do not tolerate fragility, they don’t tolerate impotence, and they don’t tolerate or like weakness.

Less than two decades ago; everyone used to say: “Chinese products are counterfeits or fake”. No European or American today can say fake to “Chinese products” because almost everything is “made-in-China”. Now that China is strong, and powerful, everyone is saying: “we need to discuss business”. They no longer say: “the Chinese that eats a bowl of rice by the day, they belong to the Third World”. No one can say that anymore to the Chinese because they are strong. If you are strong, you are respected and if you are weak you are trodden upon. Dear brothers and sisters, shoulder your arms and come it is time for an ORGANISED RESISTANCE!

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