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SHITHOLE REVOLT - Is this not the best way to give Power to the PEOPLE?

Tuesday 11 December 2018 by Mabinuori Idowu (aka ID)

Be it Amnesty International, Democracy Now, Occupy Wall Street, Men and Women Rights Movements, Front Line Defenders, International Service for Human Rights, Reporters without Borders, Gay rights, Lesbian rights, etc. One point all these organizations, share in common is the fight for justice!

For decades, the fight for peace and justice has been a universal engagement for all these movements and non-government organizations. These are people of all genders, ages and identities acting in defense of human rights. They are individuals and groups challenging all discriminations, working to advance fundamental rights for all, and create more just and inclusive societies.

Despite the engagements of all these movements and organizations in the 21st Century, countries are turning their backs on justice, and human rights defenders are increasingly the targets of attacks, harassment, intimidation, surveillance, censorship, arbitrary detention, enforced disappearances, and even killings – just for standing up for what is right. Today, conflict and fear are increasingly used to spread violence, division, and silence civil society throughout the world.

In light of the extent of the current backlash facing activists and organizations, isn’t it time to form an international platform via social network medias, for voices to be heard, and facilitate efforts to strategies, create new actions, promote call to the international community and its wide range of stakeholders to significantly increase its commitments to protect and promote ‘justice for all’ around the world?

Instead of diversifying our efforts, isn’t it time to occupy all oil-fields, mines, and sea ports all-over the world in a synchronized and coordinated manner until justice becomes the nom for all? There is no denying the fact that there is no universal culture anywhere; but without any doubt with globalization, it is possible to have a universal standard for humanity.

We can make a perfect analogy of the current situation with the human body; all the parts claiming the importance of one over the other. The brain claims that, he should be considered the most important part of the human body, because of his ‘computerized’ control of all the human body’s responses and functions. The feet said; they should be the boss of the human body, since they carry the brain about and get him to where he wants to go.

The hands stopped the feet in their tracks, reminding them that they are the most important parts of the body, because thanks to both arms they do all the work and earn all the money. Finally, the asshole spoke up, claiming to be the most important part of the human body. All the other body parts; laughed at asshole: “How dear you say such a thing – you that never see the light of the day, they all chorused”.

So, the asshole decided to go on strike, he blocked itself up and refused to work. Within a short time, the eyes became crossed, the hands clenched, the feet twitched, the heart and lungs began to panic, and the brain started to get bugged. Eventually, they all decided that the asshole should be considered the Boss - without the shithole nothing can function in the human body.

The moral lesson from this comparison of the fight within the human body and our world today is we have been divided for too long; it is the result of this division that gave birth to all the movements and non-government organizations fighting for justice mentioned above. Now is the time to unify our fight for ‘justice for all’! We cannot continue to do business this way. Globalization; obliges us to federate all movements fighting for justice, in order to be able to impose our conditions and be heard in today’s world politics.

Our constant call on social network in the last four years; to get organised has been vindicated by the popular uprising picking momentum all over the world: See The reason, we have been calling on all to join massively irrespective of colour or origin the Movement against Second Slavery (MASS), is because we all are living in a world of “modern-day-slavery”.

Gone are the shackles and visible chains, in their place we have an invincible chain that drags everyone of us out of our beds at 7:00AM (irrespective of the time zone) and drags us back eight-hours after - this invincible chain is called an alarm clock. The demand for change, in the way politics is done in the 21st century is what is pushing the people into the streets.

The recently organized Central America caravan; where thousands of Central American migrants were walking through southern Mexico in hopes of reaching the US, is an example of mobilization via social network. In interviews we hear Honduran members of the group, who said that they learned about the caravan from Facebook posts. Like others world-wide; who demand change in the way politics is done in the 21st century, people in the group say they are fleeing grinding poverty, and the violent crime which has helped turn Central America into one of the most dangerous regions of the world.

Thanks to social media networks, people are beginning to act differently as just seen with the Yellow Vests in Europe. The revolt of the Yellow Vests in France was launched about two months ago on the social media network, the mobilization started Saturday November 17, 2018. Angered by rising fuel prices and rising taxes, more than 280,000 Yellow Vests French citizens rallied in France that Saturday and every weekend after, in street battles between thousands of protesters and the police, that have left over 200 injured in Paris alone and resulted in at least 4 dead nation-wide according to the French Ministry of the Interior.

While this call, is not to justify the type of violence seen in France (or some where else), we believe those who make peaceful change impossible, make violent change inevitable.

In the face of building radicalism of the movement; which now threatens the very survival of his government, President Emmanuel Macron has changed his government’s defiant tone and promised to “suspend” the fuel tax hike that provoked the movement. Whichever way the about-turn of Macron’s government, one thing is certain with the example of Yellow Vests; governments have no option but listen when the people get organized!

Social networking has enabled exchange of information, and helped avoid the classic diversion that takes away people’s focus. In our today’s capitalist world, it’s good to use the taxpayer’s money to save troubled banks, it is also good to intervene to save a CEO suspected of tax evasion, but to save the purchasing power of the people, government prefer to take measures portraying them as always right in their boots – following the dictates of the World Bank and International Monetary Fund (IMF). How about cleaning up this inequality in society?

Federating all movements fighting for justice, in order to be able to impose our conditions and be heard in today’s world politics is the only way to get social justice. This is the only way to make “Wall Street” listen, it is the only way to make the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) stop their austerity measures imposed on our respective society. These Institutions impose structural adjustment program on our respective nations, making our countries more impoverished, and the result is that countries are increasingly disoriented.

Instead of asking themselves (those in power), what policies of their governments have led people to have that level of outrage, they answer by putting more police on the street! Measures such as “zero tolerance” a tough system of policing first popularized in the United States, which sees even minor offences prosecuted vigorously to send out the message that no form of law-breaking will be tolerated. Did it ever cross the minds, of those who weld power that it is likely some rioters believe there’s a possibility the havoc they were wreaking might force a political change?

While all these tough talks are going on, it seems convenient to side-step the cause and origin of the uprising - growing inequality in all parts of the world. How about cleaning up the inequality in society? Instead of all these tough measures to fight crime and reclaim the streets from rioters, looters and gangs, doesn’t it make more sense to ask what policies of government have led people to have that level of outrage. In light of the extent of the current backlash facing activists and organizations, time come for the SHITHOLE REVOLT.

We need to start working; we must now create a movement that will eventually transform into a political party with branches all over all villages, towns, cities, and states, using the advantage of today’s social media networks. We need to choose our leaders and spokespersons, choose a name for the movement and we map-out a manifesto as a working model, to guide us in our move towards spreading ideas on how we want to be lead. This way; we can encourage change through the ballot box, and find lasting solutions to problems of social inequality.

It is not morally right, to use the social welfare contributions of the masses to bail-out big banks during economic crises while the same system considers providing health care for all as “socialism”. Instead of putting the blamed of the violence on “the mindless selfishness” of looters, why not look into the problems of crashing banks, golden parachutes, and the compensation arrangements for executives of big banks and other financial firms.

These sectors, of the capitalist economic system should come under scrutiny; they are perfect means to finance problems of climate change. How can we justify the millions paid to CEO’s as compensation after heading a company that is bankrupt?

Another issue that needs to be reviewed is bank client relations. 90% of all legal transactions pass through banks; this makes 99% of the population in every society major auctioneer of all the banks operating in that society - the rest 10% we can assume belongs to the rich and private fortunes that constitute 1% of the society.

To avoid incidence of crashing banks and repetitive economic crises, legislation should be put in place that obliges banks to invest the savings from the 99% on social welfare, health, education, retirement schemes, and actions to stop climate change, etc. If the rest 1% investors want the banks to gamble and play casino and lotto with their fortunes, it is their problem – whenever there is bank crisis, the savings from the majority should in no way be used to bail-out the minority.

Finally; from the popular uprising picking momentum all over the world, the world has to get its priorities right. Time come for the SHITHOLE REVOLT! Is this not the best way to give Power to the PEOPLE?

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