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Saturday 9 October 2010 by Mabinuori Idowu (aka ID)


Brothers and Sisters Friends and.....,

Like Fela used to say at the Shrine:"Radio Shrine!Gan-Gan Baba!"

We are back ’on air’ after a short lull in our transmission and communication with you. An old adage says: "Everything changes and everything evolve; only imbeciles remain unchanged."
We in Radio Shrine have gone through and are going through our share of change. Some left the organization and some new-hands came aboard with new and inspiring contributions to make the Number 1 federator of Afrobeat Culture world-wide.

You sure will see more innovations and changes on our website as time goes on. However, there is something that will never be a subject of change here: our set-out objective of presenting and the representation of the essential part of Fela’s message and struggle.
This is no contradiction with the adage of "everything being subject of change" rather; it is based on personal conviction of the authenticity of Fela’s Pan African ideology.

We are here to continue and to transmit without no pretense and no apologies, the essence of Fela’s message and struggle from a deep and authentic knowledge and experience. Radio Shrine is privileged and honored to have among her leadership a founding member of the Young African Pioneers (YAP). A movement founded by Fela in 1975 with the objective of spreading political, cultural and economic awareness among Africans and Diaspora Africa.

In our stride to transmit the Fela message we in Radio Shrine took a trip to Nigeria in October 2009 to participate in the program that we consider to reflect the roots – the phenomenon that gave birth to afrobeat. The musical line-up for Felabration 2009 held from October 12 – 18, was more of a return to the roots of afrobeat. The program featured more than 100 artistes and dancers mostly of Nigerian origin, helping to revive the debate on the origin of FELA’S INSPIRATION in the creation of Afrobeat music. We have the pleasure of sharing with our audience our experiences from Felabration 2009 and more Felabrations to come.

Our column ’On the Ground’ a monthly spiritual groove is designed to give a profound insight into the life and message of Fela Anikulapo-Kuti from a close knowledge and understanding of the man. We will present his albums and explain the message in the context of today’s politics for we believe Fela was the African Nostradamus: "The man who saw and sang about tomorrow”.

Apart from Femi Kuti and his group Positive Force and Seun Kuti and the Egypt 80 who through their musical exploits can be regarded as inheritors of the Fela phenomenon, we in Radio Shrine are convinced that the term ‘Afrobeat Family’ today should be extended not only to groups that mirrors and carries on the tradition and musical style created by Africa’s late activist and musical icon Fela Anikulapo-Kuti, but also to include those who through their exploits are identifying with the Fela struggle and legacy of protest music.

We in Radio Shrine intend to share with our viewers in this column dubbed ‘Africa in History’, our deep drinking from the rivers of African history. Like Cheikh Anta Diop in his book Civilization or Barbarism, 1981: “For us, the return to Egypt in all domains is a primordial condition to reconcile African civilization with history, to be able to build a corpus of modern human sciences, to renew African culture. Far from delectation with the past, a look towards ancient Egypt is the best way to conceive and build our cultural future. Egypt will play in a newly thought African culture, the same role the ancient Greco-Latin played in Western Culture”.

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