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Tuesday 20 November 2018 by Mabinuori Idowu (aka ID)

Fellow Nigerians, Africans, and Diaspora Africans, we have been pre-occupied by the outcome of the call of the Yellow Vests, through social media networks of a general blockage in France 17 November 2018, so much that we have not paid the necessary attention to the official start of election campaign in Nigeria. It is true that campaign officially for the Presidential election in Nigeria starts on the 18th November, 2018. Also true for you to ask: “What’s happening? MASS is supposed to have conducted primaries and chosen a Presidential candidate for the coming elections, if we want to be taken serious.

Precisely; what is happening is that that we have been using the social media networks in the last four years, to make our Nigerian youths understand the need to take advantage of these platforms to get mobilized, before next year’s election in Nigeria in the hope that a new, leader can emerge to radically transform our country. As you are aware, our get-organized call has never been limited to Nigeria alone, if you take into consideration our posts on the power of social media network: In this post, we underlined the need to join massively irrespective of colour or origin the Movement Against Second Slavery (MASS).

In another post OBJECTIVE: ONE MILLION MEN AND WOMEN - see we again wrote that, it cannot be over-emphasized that it is important to realise that, we need to get organised. In the 70’s when we were publishing monthly and distributing for free 80,000 copies of YAP NEWS (Young African Pioneers news letter), we didn’t have all the social media networks available today to mobilize Nigerian public. Maybe if we had, the more than 40,000 civilians standing and watching while 1,000 Nigerian Army soldiers were burning down in broad-day-light Fela’s Kalakuta Republic, would have reacted differently.

Christians say: “heaven helps those who help themselves” this is one doctrine, shared in common by Moslems with their fellow believers. Constantly on social media networks and public comments, one regular remark made by Nigerians and the same thing in other parts of Africa is: “only God or Allah can help us solve all these problems”. This hope, from the invincible God or Allah is in contradiction with the dictate “heaven helps those who help themselves” hence, we say to you all brothers and sisters out there: “shoulder your arms and come!”

The only way to take our country back from those PDP, APC, and Paracetamole or is it Alabukun powder is to get organized. Join our Movement Against Second Slavery (MASS) on facebook or simply click “like” on our facebook Radio Shrine page, when we have one million registered men and women in our rank, we can ask those VIPs (Vagabonds In Power) in Abuja: “WHERE IS OUR MONEY?”

However, it is important to say that we have a profound despair with the attitude of our young generation towards politics. We keep calling on our youths to get mobilized, before next year’s election in Nigeria in the hope that a new, leader can emerge to radically transform our country. Instead we have our youths trooping to PDP and APC political rallies, to shout “Baba” at those VIP’S (Vagabonds in Power – apology Fela) that have brought our nation to the brink of ruins.

As often reiterated on this page, democratic aspirations is common to all people under subjugation - the youths today have no jobs and nothing to do, economic conditions, racism, and police brutality are reasons for the mass uprising of youths world-wide. The demand for change, in the way politics is done in the 21st century is what is pushing the masses into the streets. Thanks to social media networks we can see this with the Yellow Vests in France, movement of indignant youths in Europe, the ‘Occupy Wall Street’, and other movements in North America, and those of North Africa and Arab streets.

The on-going blockage in France, by the Yellow Vest is a vivid proof! Social networking has enabled exchange of information and helped avoid the classic diversion that takes away people’s focus. They are perfect mediums, for us to investigate why 99% of our people are suffering while 1% is smiling (apology Fela Kuti - Suffering and Smiling).

While we must admit our profound despair, with the attitude of our young generation towards politics in Africa, we have a great consolation in the result of the general mobilization of the Yellow Vests through social media, of the general blockage in France 17 November 2018! This is what we in MASS, have been talking about in the last four years!

Launched about two months ago on the social media network, from all indications, the mobilization in France of November 17, 2018 can be considered a success beyond the expectations of the organizers. Angered by rising fuel prices and rising taxes, more than 280,000 Yellow Vests French citizens rallied in France on Saturday, the mobilization left one dead and more than two hundred wounded according to the French Ministry of the Interior.

One can understand the anger of the French masses, with a crushing defeat of his rivals in the presidential and parliamentary elections with his brand-new La République En Marche (the Republic on the Move) party, Emmanuel Macron’s astonishing victory in the French Presidential Election less than two years ago, left the country’s two traditional political parties Parti Socialiste (PS) and Les Républicains (LR) reeling in defeat. French electors saw hope in their young president, despite him being married to a woman old enough to be his mother.

Macron cannily turned voters’ exasperation to his advantage, offering them an upbeat vision of how great France could be. He made hope a key theme in his campaign, and now as president, he repeatedly told voters that France has huge potential globally, while this greatness has not transformed to better ways of life for the majority of the French people. Macron’s honeymoon with the French masses was short-lived, as the people quickly realised in comparison with the old politicians – that he is piece of the same coin, thus the origin of his reputation as President of the rich. As we can see, the blockage in France, of the yellow vests continues, one can but not ask is this the beginning of the next French Revolution?

Meanwhile on the African continent; while a reasonable number of our youths are getting aware, we need more to wake-up majority of our sleeping youths. To make the necessary change as earlier suggested, we need to get organized using the advantage of today’s social media networks. We need to choose our leaders and spokespersons, choose a name for the movement (Movement of the People MOP or MASS for example), and we use MASS Manifesto as a working model, to guide us in our move towards spreading ideas on how we want to be lead.

Instead of just being friends with Femi Kuti, Wole Olaoye, Seun Kuti, Black ‘Rice, Steve Black, Joseph Fagbola, Femi Alaye, Gboyega Adelaja, Benjamin Tollet, Vicky Owoduni, Defend Pensioners, etc. And on the continental level, members of the Movement Against Second Slavery (MASS), Kalakuta Chronicle, Global African Leadership Initiative, Forum For African Affaires, Pan-African Network, United Kingdom of Africa, Génération Consciente, etc. We use these platforms to choose our leaders, and eventually transform these groups into committees for the defense of the revolution.

Is this not the best way to give Power to the PEOPLE?

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